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Chain of Responsibility Awareness

Course Summary

The Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) prescribes certain requirements and obligations to ensure compliance and safety for all parties in the transport supply chain. The Chain of Responsibility (CoR) laws within the HVNL also import a requirement to have safety systems and controls in transport operations to identify, assess and manage risks as they relate to the business activities within the supply chain.

Chain of Responsibility (CoR) plays a critical role in the structure of the transport industry. The structure of the industry means a number of job roles have a specific focus on compliance of the CoR within the HVNL. It is essential, therefore, that these people are given the training to recognise their requirements and obligations within the CoR. This Chain of Responsibility Awareness course aims to build awareness of the CoR and to guide trainees to where they can collect and develop their knowledge, skills and obligations in the CoR.

This Chain of Responsibility Awareness course equips your operational and administrative staff with the awareness of Chain of Responsibility law.

This course also goes to meet your CoR and WH&S obligations and adds an extra layer of knowledge for your employees to know their responsibilities within the CoR.

The cost of this invaluable course is $71.50 (GST inclusive) and, as it is a classroom-based course, requires a minimum of five (5) trainees per session. 

Normally, the course is conducted over a period of an hour in our facility in Rosenthal Heights but we can come to you if this is more convenient.

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