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Verification of Competencies (VoC)

We offer a range of Verification of Competencies (VoC) courses delivered in our purpose-built facility located in Rosenthal Heights, Queensland. Book your course today or get in touch to see what we can do for your workplace – including visiting on-site. 

A Verification of Competency (VoC) assists employers to meet OHS requirements by ensuring all staff are and remain competent to perform required tasks, not just licenced to. All trainees who successfully pass a Verification of Competency (VoC) course with OCDTac will receive a plastic card to certify this.

This Light Vehicle Driving competency course assesses your employee’s ability to drive a company vehicle whilst ensuring they are up to date on the latest transport regulations and standards.

This Operate Pumping Equipment competency course ensures that the employees operating your truck-based or site-based pumping equipment are doing so competently.

This Heavy Vehicle & Light Vehicle Pre-Employment Drive Report assesses your potential employee’s ability to drive a company vehicle.

This Operate Mobile Plant competency course assesses your employee’s ability to use a forklift, crane, front end loader, scrapper, bulldozer or other mobile plant competently.

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