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Learning to Drive a Car - Learner Driving Lessons

Course Summary

Are you looking for affordable driver training? Maybe you’re looking to give a gift certificate of competent driver instruction as a present to a loved one? Giving the gift of having an experienced driving instructor pass on their years of driving proficiency to your loved one can be a life-changing experience and could even be a life-saving experience.

Our team of qualified and licenced driver trainers are all;

  • Registered with the Department of Main Roads & Transport (TMR) as light vehicle driving instructors,
  • Working with Children (Blue Card) accredited,
  • Qualified Certificate IV in driving instruction.

Our instruction and assessment is designed to evaluate the learner’s ability to drive safely and correctly in different driving situations which may include a variety of speed zones and conditions. The instruction and assessment require the learner to demonstrate competence against the relevant standards and performance criteria. We collect theory and practical evidence on the learner’s knowledge and driving skills and make judgements about whether competency has been achieved or whether further training is required.

This instruction aims to educate and ensure participants demonstrate a level of skill and proficiency that will keep them safe. Learners need to demonstrate the following to be considered a safe and competent driver:

✓ Knowledge of the road rules and how to apply them.

✓ Sound observation and judgment skills

✓ The right attitude and approach to their driving by avoiding risk-taking behaviours.

✓ Hazard recognition and risk avoidance skills.

✓ An ability to make good decisions quickly.

✓ Understanding of their driving behaviours and how they may affect other road users.

✓ Common sense and courtesy when sharing the road with other road users.

We complete the driving instruction in your vehicle or the learner’s vehicle, and our price per hour of $25.00 plus GST ($27.50) reflects this. 

Remember, up to the age of 25 years for the learner, one (1) hour of driver instruction from a qualified and registered driving instructor is the equivalent of three (3) hours in the learner’s logbook.  It is also peace of mind knowing the learner is being given invaluable life skills as they begin their driving future.

Download the Learner Logbook:


From 1 July it will be a requirement for all learner drivers to have passed the hazard perception test before they can take the practical driving test. Learner drivers who haven’t passed the hazard perception test will not able to undertake the practical driving test and will forfeit their test fee.


This is not new information but a reminder of the upcoming change.


Since 29 March 2021 when the hazard perception test changes were implemented, customers have been able to choose to take the hazard perception test either before or after the practical driving test. This period of flexibility was designed to minimise the impact on practical driving test bookings.

From Monday 29 March 2021, all car and motorcycle learners will be required to pass a hazard perception test to upgrade their licence.

If you obtained your P1 licence before Monday 29 March 2021, you will have to pass the hazard perception test before getting your P2 or open licence.

The hazard perception test measures how quickly you can identify and respond to dangerous driving situations.

You must pass the hazard perception test before you can upgrade to a P2 provisional licence or an open licence:

  • If you were 23 or younger when you received your P1 licence, you will get a P2 licence.
  • If you were 24 or older when you received your P1 licence, you will get an open licence.

You can do the test as many times as you need until you pass the test, however, you can only do the test once a day. You only need to pay for the test once – when you pass.

The hazard perception test is an online test – you can’t take the test at a customer service centre.

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