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Load Restraint Awareness

Course Summary

Loads, on trucks, utilities and trailers, must be restrained to prevent unacceptable movement during all expected conditions of operation. The load restraint system must satisfy the following requirements:

  • The load should not become dislodged from the vehicle.
  • Any load movement should be limited, such that in all cases where movement occurs, the vehicle’s stability and weight distribution cannot be adversely affected.
  • Loads that are permitted to move relative to the vehicle, include loads that are effectively contained within the sides or enclosure of the vehicle body such as:
    • Loads that are restrained from moving horizontally (limited vertical movement is permissible).
    • Very lightweight objects or loose bulk loads (limited horizontal and vertical movement is permissible).
    • Bulk liquids (limited liquid movement is permissible).

This Load Restraint Awareness course will give your employees the skills to plan, load and restrain a load safely and legally for transport.  Utilising the Load Restraint Guide 2018 and the Load Restraint Guide for light vehicles 2018, our qualified and experienced trainers will explain the latest load restraint practices and procedures.

This course also goes to meet your CoR and WH&S obligations and adds an extra layer of knowledge for your employees to transport loads safely and legally.

The cost of this invaluable course is $71.50 (GST inclusive) and, as it is a classroom-based course, requires a minimum of five (5) trainees per session. 

Normally, the course is conducted over a period of an hour in our facility in Rosenthal Heights but we can come to you if this is more convenient.

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