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The Good Samaritan Act: Can You Provide Emergency Assistance without Consequences in QLD?

    Good Samaritan Act in Queensland

    What is the Good Samaritan Act?

    The Good Samaritan Act in Queensland, Australia provides legal protection for people who offer emergency assistance, including first aid, at the scene of an accident or emergency. This protection extends to individuals who act in good faith and with reasonable care, preventing them from being held liable for any civil damages that may result from their actions.


    So, can you provide Emergency Assistance without consequences?

    As a first aid responder, the Good Samaritan Act means that you can act without fear of legal repercussions, provided you act with reasonable care and in good faith. This can provide peace of mind and encourage people to provide assistance in emergency situations.

    However, it is important to note that the act does not protect individuals who act recklessly or with gross negligence, so it is important to act responsibly and within the limits of your training and knowledge.


    Want to know more?

    We cover the Good Samaritan Act in our first aid training courses along with other useful information for the people who offer emergency assistance. To find out more, visit our First Aid page and book yourself into a course.
    We offer a range of Nationally Recognised First Aid Courses with the training and assessment delivered on behalf of Allens Training Pty Ltd 90909. These courses include CPR, Emergency Life Support, Provide First Aid, First Aid in an Education Setting & LVR delivered in our purpose-built facility located in Rosenthal Heights, Queensland.


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